Krezon is dedicated to help clients achieve their business goals and participates with the client throughout the implementation part of the “development program” it proposes. This helps the client in the smooth implementation of recommended action steps and helps Krezon consultants constantly innovate in line with new business challenges

Discovering Market Potential, Channel Selection and Pricing

The Indian retail sector is one of its fastest growing industries in the country. Though the market potential for most retail products including apparels, home appliances, art and handicrafts is vast there are various national and international brands that are vying for the same slot.

Retail players in the SME category are poised to play an important role in providing private label products to larger retailers in both the domestic and international markets. Krezon consultants help SMEs with understanding the variety of choices and opportunities that modern retail brings to them.

Krezon consultants help their clients find out the true “sales” potential of their product in a complex, competitive and evolving environment using in-house market research and data analytics. The discovery of the sales potential helps clients define their “channel “and “advertisement” investments better to ensure their long term profitability and sustenance.

Krezon consultants also helps their client define and understand their specific  “target customer group” and determine channel selection and sales strategy to provide the most convenient and cost effective method of accessing the target customer. Our consultants advise clients on store selection based on consumer choice trends and pricing expectation of the product after duly considering the competitive environment for the product.

Apart from exploring the traditional channels Krezon consultants help their clients exploit non-traditional channels such as online and catalogue sales to maximize their turnover and profitability.

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