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Services for the Manufacturing Sector

Credit Appraisal

A vast majority of SMEs in the manufacturing space reply on bank loans and bank overdraft facility to finance their working capital needs. We believe that businesses that are built on solid fundamentals and that effectively manage cash flow should procure a credit rating from credit rating agencies. A good rating would enable a firm to get access to cheaper capital and would also evoke policy changes at the firm level, with the idea of maintaining and improving the credit rating, which would help the firm prioritize and strategize its existing operations.

Krezon consultants help their clients in streamlining business operations and vendor management in a way that maximises their operating cash flow and increases liquidity ratios bearing in mind the overall progress of the business. Krezon consultants help clients to think strategically of ways in which they could reduce their business risk exposure by consulting them on methodologies they can follow to diversify their client base across industries and geographical regions, systems and vendor management processes that bring stability and price efficiency in their raw material procurement process, on increasing inventory turnover and on marketing procedures that can stimulate growth in the firm.

Krezon consultants simulate the credit rating process adopted by the leading credit rating agencies in India to generate a close to real approximation of the credit rating that the business can expect to get if evaluated by a credit rating agency. The consultants shall also be in a position to identify the key points that the owner can highlight to present his case better.

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