Krezon is dedicated to help clients achieve their business goals and participates with the client throughout the implementation part of the “development program” it proposes. This helps the client in the smooth implementation of recommended action steps and helps Krezon consultants constantly innovate in line with new business challenges

Repositioning, Profitability and Brand Building

Many retailers compromise on conducting a full study on channel selection and on pricing of their products as they conveniently under price and select retail stores that offer them highest traffic, albeit at a high cost, to gain initial market share. This often results in their enterprises turning non-profitable.

Krezon consultants give such retailers an opportunity to reposition themselves in a way they can maximize their profits while at the same time rebuild and strengthen their brand offerings.

The choices may include building profit centres in other domestic and international geographies, multi channel sales to reduce cost per item sold and reducing advertisement budgeting while at the same time making advertisement more effective.

To give a fresh look to your brand building exercise we offer the following services related to strengthening of your brand:

  • Brand Optimisation: We help you with qualitative insights after a detailed review of your current positioning, by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your brand and identifying the gaps that can be filled by innovations.

  • Brand Strategy: It is important to cater to specific choices of your customer. The choices would further be dependent on level of awareness, exposure to concept, ability to associate with need or problem and changing consumer spend trends. We help you in associating a differentiating need that your product/service addresses amongst competing options.

  • Brand Repositioning: We help you with innovative ideas that can help you make better decisions when altering the strategic directions of your business – entering a new geography or new product segment and need to reposition your brand to suit new needs, or addressing a case where a strong new entrant has entered the market, you have acquired a proprietary advantage that should be built in the brand.

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